Friday, December 4, 2009

A New Idea Developes

Yesterday I had a wonderful idea hit me like a brick.  Ouch. lol

Way back in summer, I had planned on doing a Christmas Calendar for December, but my idea couldn't be worked out because I lacked several supplies, forgetting to get them on the last home time.  So as I sketched out other ideas, I came across an idea that just kept growing and interconnecting to the point that I suddenly had every one of my companions inter-connected and the many photo-stories I did in the past now were a part of my companion's history!

I lost the entire blog I had done of Belsant Tower, the castle tower I built.  I have been so sad about that.  I still have many of the old pictures I used, so that I could at least re-create an overview of the adventures of Ismay and Silas.  As I thought it out, I realized how perfect it would be to connect my Evie's life to their history, making Ismay and Sila her parents!  Evie started out as Lili Marlene (each name carried a very different look) and I could have her be Susan's mother.  I developed several "houses" of family and one kingdom.   I have so many photo's of Evie in different stages, they will make perfect "historical" family photo's".  Evie has always wanted to be free of the persona's I had given her, and now she is.  Evie is now completely free to be herself.

I am working this family dynasty out on another website, one that I can use a page per companion to record their history and their interconnections.  Everyone of my companions are now a part of each other's lives.  Since they are all fairies, elves and nisser, they can continue to be in many generations as they live for hundreds of years. My goal is to have it all done by Christmas Day, so that it will be the "book" that Nanny reveals to the family.  I am so excited about this project, making it all a wonderful and rich history of my companion's lives.

And best of all, it allows for the possibility to add one more companion in the next few years (if not a couple) and I already have lots of ideas on how to manage the future rebuilding of the homes of my homeless companions!

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