Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still just thinking about projects

I haven't had as much time for dolly play as I would like, but I have been letting the children take turns sitting with me. 

Zoe has really captured a wonderfully curious look, I just love how each one of my BB's are so different in looks and personality.  I love Zoe's grey eyes, the wig needs work, but if the one I ordered specifically for her ends up working better, I will see what to do at that point.  I see Zoe as more of a tomboy with a short hair cut, but these braids are so sweet too. 

I continue to totally engaged with Pandy.  I thought a sleeping/dreaming head would be boring, but this little one pleases me with her sweetness and surprises me with her very strong presence.  The pink tennis shoes are too much and I can believe that at my age, I am sqeeing as much as I am. 

I am working on plans for the trunk I received, trying to think of how to make it a playroom without ruining it for any potential future use.  I still sort of dream of a fine lady to have a trunk-house but I doubt I will ever find her.  Besides, the children are what keeps me smiling. I am thinking of making a mattress with a foam back to change the bed into a sofa, make a matching cushion for the wardrobe section and find a table that fits next to the sofa.  I did find a small wooden chest that can fit under the vanity that could hold the chamberpot.  I am keeping an eye out for a chest of drawers to fit inside too.  What I am not yet sure about is the "era" to work in.  Old?  Modern?  Scandinavian?  More of a nursery look?  Change the wallpaper?  What colour scheme?  It's all so delightful to consider.

In the meantime, I need to make more sweaters, scarves and mittens and when I am done with that, I really want to learn to make socks. 

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