Monday, January 11, 2010

Nisse's Personalities

Who are my Nisse's?

I needed to update my group's data base, so I will work up some of what I have observed so far.

Personality: Audrey is generally a quiet and thoughtful little girl.  She is calm and gentle in nature, but can tend towards taking charge of a situation.  She is the most logical of the children and often corrects them if she feels that they are wrong.  She likes order and routine and most of all, rules to be followed.  She is a neatnik, and very fussy about her hands being clean, even though her hair is always a tangled mess.
Likes: stories about princesses, poetry, tea parties, stormy weather, pretty pictures
Dislikes: messiness, sticky hands, games played without rules, loud voices.
Favourite Toy: Her doll
Favourite Book: The Princess and the Goblin
Favourite Foods: tea cakes, tarts, honey, vanilla ice cream, pudding
Gift: to read people's unguarded thoughts (however she is too young to understand most of what she reads).

Personality: Hammie is a robust little boy full of a sense of adventure in his own little world, as he can tend towards insecurity very quickly.  He likes to tease the girls but mostly just because he wants to play with them.  Otherwise, he is often content to play by himself, lost in his own imagined adventures.
Likes: cowboys and indians, games without rules, pretend play and good adventure stories
Dislikes: having to take a nap, taking a bath and having to learn the alphabet. 
Favourite Toy: his collection of cowboys and indians
Favourite Book:  Wind in the Willows
Favourite Foods: french fries, hotdogs, corn and peppermint candy canes.
Gift: Hammie can find lost or hidden things without looking for them.

Personality: Although Pandy has been blind since birth, she is never hindered by it.  She is often bold and takes off in unknown environments to explore.  She is easy going and generally pleasant unless someone is rude to her.  She is more sensory in disposition and will often take her clothes off to feel the warmth of sunshine, sit in cool water when hot, wriggle into some very soft fabrics and be entranced by the smells of cooking and perfumes.  If a situation gets unruly or uncomfortable she will often pretend to be sleeping, but she is listening intently.  She is great at sizing up the direction an argument is taking and see points others have missed. She hardly ever argues, but will make comments about other's faulty logic.
Likes: stories about fairies and babies, soft fabrics and to take naps.
Dislikes: being bossed around, being asked to look at something, being forgotten.
Favourite Toy: A stuffed lamb (given to her by Audrey) because he is so soft
Favourite Book: Winnie the Pooh
Favourite Foods: pizza, strawberry ice cream, pretzels
Gift: Pandy can see without sight.  Her world is not dark as some might suppose, it is brilliant with colour and full of images as they are in the sighted world.  Her problem is depth and perspective, leaving her to have to feel to move around objects.

Zoelina (I thought her name was Zoe, I have been corrected!):
Personality: Zoelina tends towards mothering.  She worries and tries to keep everything in balance whenever she can.  Zoelina has a lot of little fears, mostly of the dark, of monsters and of getting into trouble.  She has a generous heart and often rescues animals and others from harm.
Likes: paperdolls, stories about animals, cutting up paper, making things, beads and dressing up
Dislikes: rough games, loud noises, adventures
Favourite Toy: her box of paperdolls
Favourite Book: The Borrowers
Favourite Foods: japanese food, rice and sushi, noodles, fish, chocolate cake and ice cream, chocolate candy
Gift: Zoelina can see the past.  Zoelina can often look dazed, but it happens when she is seeing something that already happened long ago and trying to re-orientate herself to the present.  Sometimes she frets over what she has seen, but she is getting use to it.  She often thinks of them as "stories" and will tell them to the other children.

Personality: Olwen is an older child, and "old soul" as some are called and far more of a serious nature than the younger children.  She is careful, meticulous and observant.  She tends towards reflection and consideration.  She reads a great deal (mostly romantic novels) and likes poetry to be long and just a bit wistfully sad.  Olwen has great longings, the unknown ones that comes with knowing that childhood will soon pass into something else.  She is frequently has crushes on people, often not realizing that they are longer on this earth.  She doesn't pursue her love affairs, she only dreams about them as any 12 year old would.
Likes: jewelry, books, drawing, embroidery, magic, forests, old fashioned clothing
Dislikes: trousers, running,
Favourite Toy: Her doll
Favourite Book: Anne of Green Gables
Favourite Foods: Olwen can't abide strong flavored foods and practically lives on buttered toast and gooseberry jam.  Rice, potatoes, pudding and fruit are eaten.  Olwen will not touch meat at all.
Gift: Olwen can transport herself back in time to a real place, a real moment.  She can only be an observer, cannot connect with the events she sees.  She doesn't have (or hasn't learned how to control where and when she goes back, but it seems for now to be one place, in the year 1823. 

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