Sunday, January 24, 2010


Whew, I have been busy without leaving my seat!

One of my personal goals this year is to continue to simplify, downsize, use up, whatever I can do to bring the level of stuff to a minimum.

I have been feeling quite fragmented with all my blogs, emails, forums, it seems that I have a little bit of me everywhere and no where am I quite whole.  If that makes sense.  I had several diet blogs and several dolly blogs and well, I cut them down to the minimum.  I would love to have only one place to write about everything,  but trucking, dieting and dolls are too diverse to combine.  Besides, dieting and it's frustrations are not what I want to broadcast to family, it's too private.  So I spent two days sorting through, deciding, deleting, organizing and feeling all the better for it.  I'm not done yet, I am still trying to decide on two blogs.  More on those later.

Audrey is sitting with me today.  Lovely, warm Audrey.  Golden girl, tan even in the gray of winter.

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