Friday, January 29, 2010

The New Buys Work Out Beautifully!

I am now on home-time.  I first opened all the packages waiting for me.  There was the 2 wigs, the pair of eyes and the foods. 

I wiped Noah's face and played around with a new eyebrow shape, darkening around the eyes and finding that his new look is very pleasing.  Here is a before and after pic, but this is not the final faceup, only a quick test:

 After (test)
This photo is washed out by the flash, but it shows how his eyes are more defined and less slanty looking.

I used a paper stump to rub black pastel around the eyes, in the eye crease and extended the eye crease across the entire eye.  I rubbed in the shadow of the brows and then penciled them in.  As I studied the photographs I took, I realized that they needed to come in closer to his nose.  He's lost his "lost boy" look and gained a more interesting face.  

His wig is an incredibly soft black and silver mix. It is made to part on the side, as there are ear flaps on the sides.  The front was swept up, but I dampened it and brought the front down, liking it better.  Once I am ready to glue the wig down, I can find the right style to it.

Evie's wig is fabulous!  So incredibly soft, so silky.  And the colour is so perfect for her.  

Before (wig is getting wild from being in the truck)

After (wig only and new eyes)

In the second photo, I did rub a bit of pastel over and under her eyebrows to darken them as a hint to what I may want to do when I re-do her face up.  She has gone from looking like Janis Joplin back to the soft Evie I remember.  But I have a few ideas for an even softer face, more luminous.

Today I am heading into town with fingers crossed that I can find a can of sealer at Hobby Lobby and pick up some new lashes.  Zoelina needs a lighter colour too for her eyelashes.  And last, but not least, I will wipe and redo Aloe Vera while I have everything out.

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