Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Faceups for Evie and Noah Pending

I got really bold and daring and decided that I NEED to re-do both Evie and Noah faceups and change the pitiful limbo they are in.

I really have liked most of the faceups I have done on Evie.  But when I go back and look at old photo's, I feel a stronger pull when Evie had light coloured hair.  I also had a stronger reaction to Noah when he had black hair and not the red headed, freckled face he has now.  Evie seemed gentle, softer, younger in her pale days.  I see a progression of darker face ups, darker hair that only seemed to match her "dark days" in her relationship to me. 

Ack, I just realized that I have none of Evie's photo's from those days on this new laptop.  Rats.  When I get back on home time, I will upload one from the external drive.

I bought a honey-ash blonde wig, with a general soft straight flow of hair, not too short, not too long and bangs to bring back a more youthful look.  I also bought the most unusual colour eyes, I realize that the colours may have more to do with the lighting and the red background reflecting, but I had to try them. 

The wig:


I like the softness of the wig, nothing too feminine or too character filled (which Evie hates).  It doesn't pin her to an era or time, and looks similar to the wig she once wore when we were so happy together.  I plan on doing a very misty, soft fawn and pink faceup.

For Noah, the same seller had a black and silver wig that caught my eye.


I would like to give him a completely different look, with the charcoal eyes I already have, thicker soft black brows and pale peach lips.  He's worn the eyes before, and I liked them. He also looks good in the torqouis, so I'll see which works best.

Noah looks practically sick with red hair and eyebrows are way too high:

I may even do a bit of modding on Evie too, I have been thinking of rounding the tip of her nose and creating an upper lip, just slight and gentle mods, nothing dramatic.  Here is when I added more upper lip colour, but just as in the DZ sculpts, the upper lip is so thin.  I think I can sand down a bit of lip in order for the colour to look less like colouring over the lip line.  lol.

And although this is getting to be a huge photo is my Evie when I first had her (default DIM faceup)

I do like her red hair too.  I think the new eyes will go with either wig, so the end result for Evie may be different too.  We'll see.  I am looking forward to seeing them both look refreshed and not so darn sad and repressed.

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