Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Tea Party

Hamlet: I don't want to come to your dumb old tea party.
Pandora: It's fun, Hammie, you can be the mysterious gentleman who comes to call on the princess.

Hamlet: I don't want to play with girls.  I want to play cowboy and indians.

Hamlet:  Besides, they don;t have REAL tea in the cups and there's isn't any REAL cakes.

Zoelina: NO!  Hammie, you can't come to the party! You are being bad!
Pandora: Yeah, BAD.

Zoelina: Pandy!  You are spilling your lemon cake!
Pandora: It's only pretend!

Audrey: I have lots more cake!  Raspberry, lemon, choclate, vanilla!

Hamlet:  You do?  Really?  REAL cake?

Audrey: NO HAMMIE!  You can't have any!

Zoelina: I'm telling Hammie, I'm telling you pulled my hair!
Pandora: zzzzzzz

~~~~~What is all the fuss NOW?~~~~~
Audrey:  Nanny?

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