Monday, January 18, 2010

A Blue Sweater

My littlest angels.  What can I say?  The incredible joy they bring me on a daily basis.  I wish I could record all of the things they say and the cute things they do, but just as with real children, it's the moments that happen so fast, one cannot record them.  For me it is usually in the evening when it is too dark to take pictures and I can't afford to run out the battery on the small camera with flash.   But I took this picture when they were waiting for supper and getting impatient.  Never am I as important to others than at dinner time.  I have the ultimate power as a hungry husband and 4 little nisses look to me to feed them. 

I started a sweater in a lovely pale baby blue thin yard, as soft as angora, but not as fuzzy.  This one is for the girls. The first work up I did, I didn't like at all, so I ripped it up to the base and started again, deciding at the last moment to do a ragland type arm joining and will let the openings be across the front joinings with little pearl buttons and thread a pearly ribbon through the bottom holes.  I am having a difficult time knitting while truck bouncing, my tension changes too often, but I am not a perfectionist, and a handmade sweater looking handmade is ok with me.

This top was ripped out:





For DZ BB's, it seems on sock weight yarn,  that a cast on of 32 stitches for the body and 22 for the arms works fine. I started with a single rib pattern for 4 rows. The hole pattern is kit 2, Yarn Over, knit 2 together and repeat.  On the next row, repeat and then switch back to knit and purl. 

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