Friday, January 15, 2010

Lambs and Dolls

Audrey:  Pandy, do you think dolls are real?

Pandora: Lamby is real, I don't know about dolls.
Audrey: Well my dolly is real.  She cries and wets too!
Pandora: Lamby doesn't wet. That would be gross.

Audrey: I love my dolly more than peanut butter!

Pandora:  I love my Lamby more than....uhm....more than butterscotch!

Audrey:  You don't like butterscotch!
Pandora: Ok, more than Lamb Chop!
Audrey: The puppet or the kind you eat?


Audrey and Pandora lay down and pretend to sleep.

Audrey:  Pandy, are you asleep?
Pandy:  Nope.  I am awake.
 Audrey:  Where are you going?

Pandy:  I have to go potty.

Nap enforcement is a must this afternoon!

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