Monday, January 18, 2010

Life in a Basket

Zoelina:  Hammie, you can't pull my hair! It's not nice.
Hammie: I am nice, I am!
Pandora:  Sometimes.

Hamlet:  Besides, you wouldn't let me have any cake.
Zoelina:  Hammie, it was pretend cake.  You could pretend to have it.

Hamlet: You're giving me a headache.  There's too many girls.
Zoelina: Are you mad at me?

Audrey:  How come you guys are always fighting?  I think Nanny can hear you!
Pandora: I know she can.  You're going to be in BIG trouble when we get to Colorado.
Pandora:  Yeah!  BIG BIG trouble!

Zoelina:  I won't be in trouble will I?
Pandora:  No, I think Nanny will spank Hammie.

Hamlet: If you tell, I am going to pull your hair again!
Zoelina: OUCH!

Zoelina: I don't want you to get a spanking, but if you pull my hair just one more time...I AM telling!
Hamlet: I didn't do anything bad!

Hamlet:  It's not FAIR!  You can't tell Nanny I was bad!
Zoelina:  I think he's crying!
Audrey: Nanny calls them crocodile tears.

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