Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Blending of Family Ties

Olwen:  This is a strange world we have arrived in, Mai.  I am glad I have you to hold.

Olwen:  Are you feeling lonely?  I am.  I have never lived on a truck before.  And I really dislike these clothes, they aren't pretty.  I can't wait until my dresses get done.  I will never put you into pants and T-shirts, Mai.  It's just not pretty at all.

Olwen:  I hope we get ice cream today.  I really like strawberry!  I will give some to you, too, Mai.

 Olwen:  Yes, I hope for ice cream.

Audrey (suddenly tumbling down into Olwen's lap) Hi!  Is that your doll?  Can I play with her, wanna play house?  You can be the mommy!

Olwen:  Yes, that is my doll, Mai.  She is a german doll. You have to be careful with her, she is a very old doll.
Audrey:  I will be careful!  I like dolls!

Audrey:  Are you going to be my big sister?  I just got my brother and now I have a sister.  Are you a Nisse too?
Olwen:  You ask a lot of questions and never wait for an answer!

Olwen:  Yes I am your sister and a Nisse just like you!  We come from the far North.  I don't know very much about it, but we are suppose to join together and return to our homeland.  I think it sounds mysterious!

Olwen:  (Kissing the top of Audrey's head) We are suppose to be together.  That is all I know.  I think Nanny knows more.  May be when we go back in December, she will tells us what's to become of us.

Audrey:  I am glad you came to be here with Hammie and me!  Wanna play dolls now?

Hammie:  Can I play too?

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