Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Soon it's Susan Serious

We have our load to Colorado, it delivers late tomorrow night so we will drive down to the Springs afterwards and sleep at the place we park when on home time.  My parents will pick us up on Friday and that is when I get to see Susan for the first time.  Husband has a Serius (sp?) satellite radio waiting for him, so we have been calling Susan, Susan Serious.  lol.

I made a list this morning of what is going back to Colorado and I have Miriam, Nanny, Olivia and Aloe Vera and all their stuff.  Also, I will take back the small vintage suitcase that I love so much, as I think it would be easier just to keep everyone's clothes and shoes in zippered bags and in my suitcase.  I am still fussing over the storage at the end of my bunk.  Too many boxes, bags or suitcase can be stacked just fine, but what I dislike is having to unstack to get to something and then restack each time.  Some items like soft bags do not stay put for long.  I have a large suitcase at the end that seems to be working the best so far, as I can just tip it down onto my bed to access it.  But then EVERYTHING has to be able to fit in it.  That means inventory reduction!

Here is a photo.  The hanging bags are temporary, we just got a bunch of free avocados and I hung them to prevent bruising.  I have hooks along side of husband's top bunk to old various things, I put the basket up at night on the hook too.  Sometime I put husband's bread in a bag on a hook to keep from getting smashed.   The bag on top of the suitcase is my knitting (it's a canvas bag) the little suitcase to the right is Audrey and Hammies shoes and clothes, the blue one underneath is my shower case with shampoo and things for taking at shower. 

I want to get rid of everything except the large suitcase.  It holds a lot and doesn't interfere with me stretching out on my bed. 

I also made a list of what I need to buy (YAY SHOPPING!).  I think two quilted placemats from the thrift shop will make a good padding for the two cubbies, one for Susan and one for Audrey and Hammie.  I would like to put some stickers up, just to make it personal for them....something from the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby.  I don't know if they will stick, the surfaces here are slicked somehow.   I will be making some sort of starter wardrobe for Susan, a nightgown, slip, panties, stockings and a couple of dresses and a coat.  I hope I have shoes for her....I may have packed the MSD size in the POD.  I have at least a pair of black boots, so that will have to do until the Mimiwoo shoes arrive.  I have a lot to do in my 5 days off!

Oh, and I am going to reduce her breasts down.  I have been thinking about it and I think that the only problem I have with MSD's is that to my mind, SD is an adult.  In relation to Evie, Susan isn't a miniature teen, but a 12 year old.  Her body is not as adult as many MSD's it's thin and non-curvy.  The breasts are out of place on her.  I will check under her thorax and if the breasts are solid, I will be taking them off.  I have a feeling that is going to make all the difference in the world as to how I will relate to her, as a child, not an adult or teen.  I told husband about it and he grimaced.  He said I was gruesome! lol. 

I have been trying to decide on what to do with Nanny.  I do enjoy her and she is a very quirky character.  She can't fit into the cubbie (wide hips) and I really don't want the hammock up right now, as it is hard to tip down the suitcase.  Right now, on the truck she simply sits in the travel basket.  I need that basket when we need to leave the truck and Susan won't fit with Audrey and Hammie in it too.  So while it has been planned that she stay in Colorado on the next 5 week run (to visit Charlotte) I am not sure if she will come back on the truck again, even though it would be good for the children.

The same thoughts go for Aloe Vera.  I love having her around.  Miriam is another difficult one to take back, she seems to need someone present to feel secure.  I think I will make a space for the ones that stay in Colorado so that they can all keep each other company.  The one I feel so bad for is Lizzy, who got put in the POD when we were having to move our stuff from my mother's closet.  I had planned on putting Evie and Noah in there, but couldn't at the last moment.  So wrapped up was I in the emotional tug of that that I forgot Lizzy was put int here with all of Evie and Noah's clothing and stuff.  Poor dear, I hope she has enough gin to last until we go there again.  At least she has Evie's box stuffed with food and a box of books to read.  I am very worried about her state of mind by the time we have a home again.  She never was too bright.

Well, back to list making and dreaming about Susan and all she will bring to my happy little Nisse family.

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