Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So in Love

We had our first breakdown on the road.  We were climbing the mountains in Utah and the engine light came on and we smelled burning rubber.  It was the engine belt, snapped in half.  So we sat on the side of the road for 3 hours waiting for a repair service to come.  I made lunch and sewed on snaps on one dress I couldn't get comfortable enough on the bunk bed to sew more and the passenger seat was in the hot sun.  I then started knitting a sweater for Susan, something just to have something to do.  She wanted to learn how and so I showed her a few stitches.  She caught on pretty quick, but wasn't sure it was something to learn more about.

At least she was very happy to get one of her new dresses on today.  It suits her so well too.  When the repair guy finished, I sat Susan down very quickly and jumped into my seat so we could get back on the road.  I looked back at her on my bed to make sure she was secure and saw her glimpse at her doll, Mai.  I was taken by that.  That tiny moment of magical realness. 


Last night I was taken with a moment when I was carefully cleaning Audrey's dusty eyes with a Qtip, that she looked at me with such intensity, that I had to kiss the top of her head.  Susan lay in her cubby as I went to bed, and I saw a glint in her eye, another moment of realness that caught my breath.  I have never been in love with more than one companion at a time, now I am feeling so much love for them all.  I hold each one and listen to them with my eyes and heart, for they are such gentle little souls with love to give.  Some women end up cat ladies, some go  gaga for their dogs, I am a doll nut.  I can't change that.  I am doomed to be dotty over dolls the for rest of my life.

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