Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting to Know Susan

We have been on the worst roads, bumping and bouncing so much I cannot sew or knit.  And there has been no internet service either.  We are in LA, so I am trying to get as much online stuff done as I can.  Soon, we will be up in the mountains and there will be no service.  So....no knitting, no sewing, no internet.....makes me crabby in no time at all.  Sigh.

Susan has lots of dresses she cannot wear since they need snaps and finishing.  She has been in her casual pants and a T shirt.  She hates wearing them.  So I put on the only finished dress she has, the green silk that belongs to Lizzy.  It doesn't suit her tender age of 12, but she was less pouty wearing it.  She also put on purple tights and her black boots.  Sigh.  She really is self conscience in pants.  I think she is embarrassed having such long colt like legs.

In this photo, the bonnet actually is holding on her wig as it dries.  I had re-glued it and the glue had soaked through the wig and made a matted lump on the back of her head.  I removed it, placed it in a plastic container, added hot water from the hot pot, shampoo and let the wig soak.  When it was lukewarm, I shook the container hard to dislodge the glue (waterbased tacky clear glue) and then squeezed the water out, placed it back in with fresh water and repeated.  Why am I explaining this?  Cause I have no running water or sink.  I have to do things differently living in a truck.  lol.

During this process I had laid Susan down on my down comforter and when I saw her she was near tears being bald.  She is very very sensitive.  I put a knit cap on her, but she saw Lizzy's green bonnet and that started the whole inappropriate green dress desire.  I tried to tell her it was too "old" for her, but she insisted.  I do believe she fancies herself as some frilly Jane Austen heroine. 

So far, I have learned that Susan is very tender, delicate, sensitive and demure.  She is not the spunky type like Audrey, nor sullen and moody like Evie.  She does get pouty when things don't go her way, but not in a manipulative way.  She tends towards being introverted and prefers to retreat into her imagination when bored or stressed.  She loves her doll, Mai.  I took a few shots of her deep in thought and playing with her doll:

Susan's wig is nice, but I am not sure it will be the permanent one.  Her delicate nature seems to beg for a delicate and wispy hair style.  I am hoping the one I ordered will suit her a bit better.

I love Susan.  Her gentle nature soothes me.  I have been experiencing more agitation again, moodiness that I am not always able to shake off.  Today is better, but these feelings seem to come in waves.  It's been 6 months now that I have been homeless and living in this trucking life.  It helps when we talk about buying our home in Denmark, but whenever we find what might be just the house for us, we cannot do anything about it.  We don't have the money just yet.  When I think of it taking 4 more years, I get depressed.  That's sounds like forever to me.

I am glad to report that the combination of Susan, Audrey and Hammie seems to be the right one.  There is a softness of having just children on board, a gentle flow of play and comfort.  Hammie and Audrey seem to be so instantly bonded with Susan, often playing next to her as she watches their antics with a nearly hidden smile.  This is my favourite photo of Audrey and Susan:

Audrey see's Susan's doll and wants to play with it.  Susan is so lost in thought that she doesn't notice Audrey is about to reach for the doll. 

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