Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Musing and Dreaming

I think I was smiling all evening thinking about DZ Fei.  I played with her photo, changing the color of her hair and eyes, I even added freckles to see the look!  I looked up tons of names, I just gazed at her and dreamed.  I cannot wait to try on wigs and eyes and find her. 

So many dolls that have come and gone were quick decisions, someone that caught my eye and was affordable at the moment.  Few have been chosen after a long period of desire.  Evie was chosen.  I poured over her picture, longing and wishing and hoping I could find a way to buy her.  I had Denver Doll hold Evie (DIM Eunbi) and a Souldoll Clara.  As soon as DDE opened the box, I knew I had found my companion girl.

Audrey wasn't even conceived of when I found her, but what I found in her I had long desired.  In fact, I had been looking at many different dolls that appealed to me, as I wanted a smaller or a single doll as a companion on the truck adventure we were about to have.  I had a whole list of dolls to look at when I went up to Denver Doll, but one, right after the other seemed somehow "not the one".  Then, while gazing through the many gorgeous dolls, I spied Audrey.  I picked her up and smiled.  She smiled back....I was hooked.  In one previous visit to Denver Doll, I had picked up a Dollzone Megi and was so surprised by him.  He did not have the look I liked, his eyes were crazy slanted, his nose tipped up, but the more I held him, the more he grew on me.  He had a wonderful weight to him, he had such clear and bright eyes and such smooth resin skin......I really liked him!  He was more than I could afford that day, and I set him down, thinking that I wasn't there to find a boy anyways.  But I never forgot him.  Finding Audrey was like finding that DZ Megi, such a delight.  And it was odd, because I never liked her DZ stock photo!  In fact, both Audrey and Hammie had the most hideous yellow eyes.  *shudder*

Hamlet was desired next, because I loved Audrey and wanted an interactive play between two children.  But all along, I have been missing my Evie something fierce.  She is simply too big to be a comfortable situation on the truck.  I bought a Tonner Judy Garland, who has been so sweet and intense, but I dislike holding her.  It's those Tonner bodies I can't stand.  I had a Tonner Kitty Collier that I felt the same way about.  Loved her when looking at her, but holding her was like holding a hollow shell.  This is why I love resin so much, there is weight to it.  I also bought Nanny, thinking of more interactive play, but they are both sort of "characters" and not a companion to me.  I kept thinking that if I could only find a companion that was sort of personal to me, yet could fit in with the children, I would be able to have 3 companions on the truck and have everything I needed, children to play with and an older companion to talk to.

Finding DZ Fei on eBay was such an exciting moment.  I think Dollzone creates the worst stock photo's of their dolls.  Looking at them make me wince.  But Denver Doll had a "owner" photo on their website (the one I posted yesterday) and her face appealed to me.  This is why I knew the one on eBay was the one.  She was ready, could come to me by my birthday,  and well, all the rest.  So by that one photo, I had wanted DZ Fei for a very long time. 

Thinking about this last night, I realized that I now have two "families".  I have Evie and Noah whom are both DIM dolls and now Audrey, Hammie and Fei who are Dollzone.  I like that feeling of completeness.  Another thing that has come together is the family story, the overall purpose of their being, the creative play I can indulge in.  I've had bits and pieces of it over the last few years, but now, it all seems to fall into place.

Everyone will have a new name and a new place in my companionship world.  I am still working out the details, but soon I will reveal it.  Right now, it is dream-time!

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