Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stuck and Thinking

We are stuck in either Utah or Wyoming.  It's crazy sometimes not to know where you are.  I-80 is closed (due to a snow storm) and the company shut us down (meaning we can't drive).  Apparently this happens a lot in this town, as we received a map of all the local places that trucks can park.  We are luckily parked in a Walmart, so we got some fresh veggies, a few packages of sausages and pantry items for the next run after home-time.  It was a little hard to walk past the fabric section of the store....I really wanted to roam around in there, but husband was with me and that bores the heck out of him.  What was nice, is that the cashier had a pumpkin filled with candy and I was able to take two small rolls of candy that I can give to Audrey and Hamlet for Halloween!  That worked perfectly!

I wanted to do a little Halloween story yesterday, but everything was so up in the air with the shut down and husband needed to sit in front at my worktable with his computer to watch for any changes.  So I just played games on my computer.  I will see if I can dress the children up when it gets light out and at least take a picture.

I also spent some time pouring over names for the new girl.  I liked Annamerete, Merete was my mother's best friend and we use to visit her.  I have a hard time with names that I know someone by, because I feel it belongs to them and I am stealing it!  lol.  I also like Rosemarie, and just plain Anna.  The problem I am having is that the seller's photo's are washed out, so she looks very sweet and plain, the DDE photo shows her quirky look that I love so much.  I tried to switch back and forth on the pictures as I say a name out loud, but they look like two different sculpts!  I think naming will have to wait until I have her in person.

I have been thinking about her quick wardrobe that I have to make while home.  I am thinking of making a couple of thin fabric under dresses and then making several over the dress pinafores.  It would be nice to be able to mix and match them to extend the wardrobe without too many pieces.  I have at least one dress so she has something to wear while I pull it all together.

While home, I want to also create better bedding for the cubbies.  There is a metal edge along the side and I am always afraid of resin noses and ears getting chipped from all the bouncing.  I would like to pad it somehow, but how to get it to stay will take some creativity.  At this point I am thinking of padded fabric that fits like a basket lining inside and over hangs on the outside with pockets for their books and toys.

For Hammie and Audrey, the cubby is too deep, I have the bottom lined with my wooden knitting needle holder and a mattress on top of that.  I wrapped them in their blankets to prevent being bumped on that metal edge.

Oh well.....still stuck wherever we are.  A long day ahead I believe.  I think I will go in a look at fabric after breakfast!

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