Tuesday, October 27, 2009

DZ Fei is Fate

I don't think I could be more shocked. 

Last night, I laid in bed thinking about DZ Fei.  I thought about the first photo I had seen of her on DDE:

There was something about her quirky looks, her peaceful sadness.  There are only a few DZ's I like, I like Megi, Ani and Kay and of course, Fei.  I had thought many times I would eventually try for her.  It took a long time for Hammie to arrive and it seemed that I wouldn't be able to even try for her until next year.  Then I thought about the only DZ Fei I have ever seen on eBay.  I thought her auction ended last night and so just resigned myself that she would not be the one.  I think I looked at her a hundred times yesterday.  I just couldn't bring myself to ask my husband if I could have her.  Not so soon after Hammie.  I tried to put her out of my mind and dismiss the thoughts, perhaps since no other MSD ever stayed long in my heart, it would be a mistake.

Then this morning, as I was setting up my computer, my mouth opened and I told my husband I wanted to see what the doll I had been wanting so badly went for.  I surprised myself, I had spoken before thinking, I had not planned saying anything.  Besides the auction, I was sure ended the night before.  If no one had bought her, I may have a chance, but surely someone would have gotten her.  But lo and behold, her auction was still active and there was 4 hours left!  When I I shouted with excitement, husband then asked more about her, and I quipped something about letting me bid....well, sure, he said!  If I win, she could be my combined birthday and Christmas present!  And....just as sure I was about marrying him....I was sure she was coming home to me!

And she is!  This is her auction photo:

The wig doesn't come with her, but I have several wigs at my parent's house that I can try.  I am so excited and so pleased that she is coming.  This one feels like fate. 

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