Friday, October 23, 2009

Nanny and I have a sewing circle this morning

It was Nanny who woke me up this morning.  She was insistent on getting to work on at least one of her unfinished dresses first thing this morning.  She tapped her foot as I made coffee and clicked her fingernails on the table as I got dressed.  She was very impatient.

We piled the unfinished dresses on the table and she picked one out for me to start on.  That soon became a big problem for Nanny.  Apparently, I do not sew as fine as she does.  My stitches were not small enough, my thread was too long, I wasn't wearing my thimble, I knotted my thread...."We NEVER knot threads, dear".

So Nanny shook her head and went and got her own sewing tin and proceeded to lecture me on proper hand sewing.

I was surprised to see she had her own tiny assortment of thread, buttons and even a first aid kit.  I guess Nanny's are always prepared.

Nanny started showing me exactly how I am to hand finish her dresses.  She worked on one, and I worked on the other.  There was lace that needed to be stitched, bodice lining to be sewn around the sleeves and waist, sleeves to be hemmed.

Then Nanny said that she needed her bloomers to be fixed.  The elastic had lost it's give and so she made four knife pleats and that did the trick.

Then we looked at the antique petticoat slip that came on a china head body, and while a bit lose on the waist we decided that would be ok, making it comfortable.  We admired the beautiful hand made lace along the edge.  Nanny was quite pleased with this garment.

The first dress is done and the apron too, Nanny was very pleased.  She walks with her candy cane and likes to have candy cane print on her dresses.   She winked and said that someday she'll tell me the story of her cane. 

"When you're a little older, dear" is all she said.

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