Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aloe Vera's Bubble Rifle

Today I sat with Aloe Vera.  She had been so withdrawn of late and so I opened up her suitcase and tried to interest her in something new to wear.  She put up a fuss as usual.  Aloe Vera always crosses her arms to hide.

She chose a pair of jeans and a white leather jacket.  Then I noticed something behind her back and demanded to see what it was.

She spun a long and drawn out tale about bubble rifles, that shoot bubbles to encapsulate miniature trooping fairies.  Never beleive anything a Leprechaiun says.  I nodded and sighed.

I helped her finish putting her hair in an up-do using some of the yarn left over from knitting her blanket and we talked about getting rid of her rifle and varioues safety issues when on board a truck, but she gave me a sweet an innocent look and asked if that meant ALL of her weapons?  I think she fancies herself a Mata Hari.

She is finally asleep and I will go and look for her arsenal.  Now, where would a Leprechaun keep things well hidden?

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