Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy Hands

Yesterday was one of those days that nothing I could do to improve my mood would work.  I was really down and near tears all day.  Everything got to me, the snow (and I normally love snow) the rain, the mud we had to trudge through and just about everything nearly sent me over the edge.  This too, will pass, I kept telling myself.

I busied myself with hand-sewing.  I grabbed Miette's bag of clothes (she has her original dress and two awful dresses, her red knit coat that I hate and a few odd pieces I pulled out of a bag of mixed vintage dolly clothes I bought on eBay awhile back.  I took the dress I had made a long time ago, one that I disliked because it lacked something.  Miette insisted that it needed trims.  Lots of trims.  In fact she kept insisting on adding more and more until I think it looked silly, but it kept my hands busy.  Next I made a hat which turned out nicely and then a fixed up a pair of old drawers for her.  I liked those too.  Now she has something to wear while I fix up her other undies with something frilly.

I also tore up her blanket, which was almost done as I hated the thickness.  I started another one, but don't like that one either.  Grumpiness seems to pervade everything.  It also made me grit my teeth and want just one doll all over again.

The circus thing felt really good and I could imagine all the fun and the possibilities.  I felt it was the best idea I have had when it came to finding a cohesiveness to my companion family.  But then, as I thought about how we will end this american journey, how we will be taking a train to NY and then a ship, what we might carry by hand, what we might ship it seems that eventually I have to take my whole companion doll situation very seriously.  I cannot possibly risk the shipping and I most certainly cannot carry them all AND luggage.  Right back to square ONE.

I know better than to make decisions when my mood is low, but I have to admit the thing I can't seem to resolve is back on the table.  Before I delve into the costuming, I want to think on it some more.

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