Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cirkus Bellevue

I have been absolutely delighted in my circus idea.  Not only does it bring back my childhood memories at Cirkus Schumann in Copenhagen, but it brings a whole new flavour to the play with my dolls.  They can each remain who they are now, only be able to put on a costume for work.  I have drafted up my ideas, I am so tickled that I already have most of what I would need, I would be able to make most everything without any undue expense and best of all, there is a "job" for each of my companions that suit their personalities.  Being a traveling circus troop, they can all be a part of it, no matter what their size or personal life.

I think of them as sort of in the old style of the traveling circus troop, a mixture of family and extra's, all becoming an extended family.  Everyone has a role to fill, but a few have more than one kind of performance or talent.  My new dollroom has a closet bars all along under the shelves, perfect for hanging the trapeze.  In so many ways, it all fits so well, something that can be all a part of why we are all together and sharing our lives.  It gives me a whole new perspective of creativity, something I have needed.  Instead of feeling so overwhelmed that I am leaving companions for long periods of time, I can be working on costumes and they can be practicing their arts.  I could even take photo's of whomever is traveling with me in front of a sign, having a real feel for the traveling aspect of the circus.  There just isn't any limitations at all, and not only uses up what I have, but is of little extra expense.  What fun it will be to find items for the circus, to create the posters, my intention is to make most things myself.

Here is my working list of ideas:

Cirkus Bellevue

The Ringmaster
Either Oliver Hardy or WC Fields (to be purchased)

The Performers
Evie - Trapeze & Horse rider
Evan - Juggler, Trapeze, Mime, knife thrower
Olwen  - Tightrope Walker

The Children - Acrobats & Clowns
Audrey, Hammie, Pandora, Zoelina

The Pixies - Side show
Aloe Vera - Fortune Teller (already has gold sparkle dress)
Olivia - Fat Lady (silly & frilly)

The French Girl
Miette - poodle trainer

The Old Biddy’s
Charlotte - seamstress & cook for the troop
Lizzy - Nurse for all the accidents sure to happen, storyteller

Frank’s Place - Refreshments
Frank - Bartender (refreshments at the circus)
Lucy - waitress
Bert - Bar patron (to be purchased, Mary Poppin's Bert)
Have 2 AG size horses already - create feathers headdresses and fancy straps
Tightrope (already have umbrella & ballet slippers)
Make masks for the clowns instead of painted faces
Make a trapeze swing (use fancy twisted upholstery cording)
Need poodles
Juggler: Use toy bowling pins, balls, plates on sticks
Design and Print Circus Posters
Design and print popcorn bags
Create cotton candy cones with coloured cotton balls
Fortune Teller: crystal ball, tarot cards

Sewing notions:
Pom poms, sequins, tassles, ribbons, cording, beads, feathers

Satins, netting, socks for tights, felt for hats

Evan or Frank as Ring Master: red coat, gold braid, black horse riding trousers, strips, top hat, whip, white gloves

Evie as Horse Rider: tutu, tights, fancy headress, long gloves, slippers
Evie as Trapeze Girl: satin corset, tights, small headdress, slippers

Olwen as Tightrope Walker: Mid length tutu to the back, lots of roses & ribbon, umbrella, slippers with ribbon ties
Aloe Vera as the Fortune Teller: gold sparkle dress, barefoot, gypsy clothes

Olivia as the Fat Lady: lots of ruffles, over the top feathers and sequins.  Find a small pony for her to ride.

Lizzy needs a Victorian era nurse costume.

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