Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miette's Crochet Dress & Wig Adjustment

I finished Miette's crochet dress.  I knew I needed to figure out a front panel and a closure. 

I decided to use a contrasting thread:

Then I discovered that I had NO buttons that would work, I had enough white buttons, but they didn't look right, the brown buttons I had, I didn't have 8 of, so when we went to Walmart, I was hopeful, but they didn't have but a few selections and nothing that would even remotely work.  So I looked at the beads, but the wooden ones were too large.  Sigh.  I bought the silver heart beads until I can find a suitable set of buttons.

But a good thing was that Walmart had clear craft glue, so I went ahead and re-did Miette's wig.  I had reduced it from a human size wig, down to a size 8-9 then down to 7-8, then down to Miette's size all by darts and stitches.  I peeled it off (I always glue wigs on) and went into the truck stop restroom and washed it in hot water to remove the glue.

After I removed all the stitches, I selected a row of weft about 2 inches up from the bottom and careful cut between two wefts.  I then basted all around the edge to gather and then glued it to her pate, leaving an edge all around that would then be glued to her head.   Her hair is now much thinner, much easier to brush and it lays nicely in a more realistic way around her.  I put her cap on and a rubber band to hold the hair down while it dried.

I had also just washed my hair, funny, we have nearly the same colour!  Mine is still damp, but dried, it is so close!

We are now heading to Texas, deliver tomorrow and then head to the Yard.  We are not sure, but after a couple of days there, we may be sent to Colorado with a load.  Home time is around the 9th....so maybe, just maybe we will soon be there!

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