Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miette's Dress and Hair

I desparately hoped that I would dream of Evie again last night, but it did not happen.  Here I am confessing out to the internet world that I am trying to commune with my doll.  Sigh.  Practically over the edge, I suppose.

I had started a project a while back, creating a history of my dolls and their familiar relationships.  I stopped because at the time I felt it was getting too involved and intense.  I wonder if I should go back to it?  Maybe I was going into the wrong direction with it.  I will toy with it again and see where it takes me.

I adore little Miette.  She has been an anchor for me lately.  Funny that I start a blanket for her because I worried about her being cold, and now we sit in the Arizona desert at 104 degrees!  Oh well.  Chances are we will hit another snowstorm before summer is here.

I mentioned Miette's dress, which is not finished.

The dress is too snug as is, and my plan is to add a front panel in a contrasting colour or make closure straps with buttons so that an underdress would show through.  I am still thinking on it.

The backL

I have had this human hair wig a long time, it has been worn by Evie and Olwen, each time, I stitched tucks to make it smaller, but it is now creating a thick lump in the back of excess wig.  When I am back on home time, I will be cutting it to size to fit Miette perfectly.  In the meantime, I am applying jojoba oil and brushing it daily to condition it.  The colour really suits her and I like the feel of it.  Funny how I hated it on Olwen.

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