Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Settling In with my Companions

We were suppose to be on the truck early this morning, but the truck has not been finished in the repair shop, so we have one extra day! 

Because of the extra day, husband went up to my parents and picked up the rest of the stuff we had there, which was nice that we could have everything cleared away from our stay there, but left me with more stuff to unpack.  It will all have to wait until the next home-time.  Thrilling moments here and there as I re-discovered many dolly things I had not seen in a year.

Right now, I am just so happy to have a dolly room again.  Here are some random photo's of my companions.

Lucy received a new body.  Not a match in skin tone, but she needed a jointed body to keep up with Frank.

Much, much better!

I found the bar and soon I can create their world.

Charlotte and Kameko

Lizzy and new baby

Miette taking a rest in her room.

Evie who is enchanting me all over again.

These eyes change colour all the time.  Lavender gray I would say.

While photo's of Evan give him a pink tone, he is dreadfully yellow.

I think Evan needs something more.  He will get another wig and perhaps eyes.  Not sure what I will do.


Evan and Evie


Miette's trunk room

I had hoped that Miette and Lizzy would be in scale with each other, but other than height, there is nothing that ties them together,  Lizzy is a pin head next to Miette.  Sigh.

And baby Emily is back in my care.  I held her for quite some time today.



The painting on the wall is one that I found in a thrift shop years ago.  I just love it.  So odd and different.  I think of her as a ghost child. 

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