Monday, March 1, 2010

Complete Happiness

Pure Joy.  I have a doll room again!  I had bought a bag of vintage clothing on eBay and what a wonderful selection it was.  I have lots of vintage clothing for the children, for Aloe Vera, for baby Emily and even Miette received two lovely jackets.  More photo's later.

Evie received a vintage fashion doll.  Hamlet received a pirate toy.

She is quite detailed and has eyelashes!

Olwen received a vintage red hat.

Zoelina received a vintage blue dress.

Audrey received a vintage summer dress.

Lucy received several vintage clothing items, including this fully lined dress.

Lizzy received a new baby.  Charlotte received a new dress.

Baby Henry

Pandora was rocked to sleep.

Miette is decorating her trunk room.

Of all the moments of joy in my new doll room, the one that really made me feel so good was seeing my Evie as sweet as she use to be:

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