Thursday, March 4, 2010

Miette's new Eyes and Wig, Same for Aloe Vera

The truck is still being repaired.  This is the second day we are sitting here, which is fabulous in some ways, but we have to be ready to go at a moment's notice.  All our things are packed and by the door.  So I am sitting with my companions, attending to their needs and trying to put together some fabrics and lace to hand sew.

I decided to fix Miette's miss set eyes.  I discovered that another pair of eyes I had fit her so much better.  They are smaller and make her eyes appear brighter and more alert.  Since I had her wig off, I played with other wigs.  The human hair one that I had was perfect for her, suiting her much better than it did for Olwen.  I washed and conditioned it, then sew in a few tucks and now it fits.  I got out the baby brush and can brush it so nicely.  Since the colour is a peachy blonde, it actually suits her eyebrow colour better too.  The other wig had charm, but I could not brush it, it was wool.

I then made a travel basket for her, as it was decided that Audrey and Zoelina wanted to stay with the other children, and Miette loves to travel.

I put a wicker chair with cushions, her pot belly stove and a writing desk in her basket, tying them to the sides with ribbon.  

Here are a few more of her new wig:


Then I decided to try Miette's old eyes on Aloe Vera who has been the most difficult to find eyes for.  They worked!  And so did a new wig I had originally bought for Hammie.  What I love about it is that is lets her ears show and gives her such a little Pixie look.
This has been a lot of fun for me today, but I sure wish I could stay in the apartment and just play....there is so much I want to do!

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