Friday, March 26, 2010

Lace Hat for Miette

I made a lace hat for Miette.

I am slowly working on her blanket.  I ripped up the second one, I just didn't like it either.  The one I am making now, I like the best of the three, I am doing an alternating knit two, perle two and instead of ribbing, doing a double seed stitch.  It creates a  softer fabric than the other two I started.  Her wig is driving me crazy, as I really want to re-sew it to a better fit.  I made the wig from a human size human hair wig originally for Evie, so the tuck is huge in the back neck area and while it "looks" ok, I can feel it when I handle her and she can't wear a bonnet properly.  I would cut it down and re-sew it now, except I forgot to bring wig glue.  Sigh.  I also have a few more pieces of the wig at home, so that if I need to add a weft to balance what I remove, I can do it all in one get go.

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