Saturday, March 27, 2010

Musing, Miette's Blanket and Hawaii

Can't seem to get far on this blanket for Miette, but I do like it.  The pink should go well with her trunk.

Yesterday I wrote up a very long and detailed post about my feelings and ideas about my companions.  I got really deeply involved and through the writing, I felt a great deal of relief and purpose.  I saved it in my documents, as I am not ready to call it a done deal yet, but somehow, by writing it all out in black and white, I could see some clarity that I really needed to see.  I plan on pulling it up at night when all is dark and quiet and reading it, see if there is any other feelings I need to address and then I will post it here.  What was really cathartic about it, was that I started my asking myself what I really wanted out of having a companion doll and let the whole thing flow from there.  I itemized what works, what does work and so on.

Another thing I really want to do when I get back to the apartment is to sort every single doll item I have, decide what to keep, and assign it to a specific doll as their own item.  I want to create an inventory list, including their clothes so that I can decide on what clothing or item I may want to create or find for them in the future.  Since I can't see everything I have back at the apartment while on the truck, I often feel spaced-out as to what to make, what to look for.  I want these items to be a part of the doll, a part of their personality and suited to their personal style.  I feel I have been too hodge-podge about it for too long, ending up with stuff I have never even used.

I want to revive my companion doll website with each doll, their stats and their personal inventory.  It will be a place I can keep these detailed records and make it easy to find.

In other ideas, I am beginning to think about who will be the one to go to Hawaii with me.  I want to make them a bathing suit and some summer clothes.  My daughter is at the halfway point in her pregnancy, so it won't be long now! 

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